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LED Wall


Video Production here at Atlanta Audio Visual means "keep the experience forever". What better way to make a dramatic and memorable impact at the end of a program than to replay its most notable moments. Created by a team of professionals highly skilled in videography and editing, make your video become a powerful, long-lasting record of any experience. Our video projection department utilizes a variety of projectors ranging in brightness from the 2,800 Lumens to 20,000 DLP HD Lumens to achieve the maximum productivity for your next event.

LET'S GO GREEN!!! LED Wall Rentals, We have over 300Panels of 10mm, 10.4mm and 4.8mm Aurora LED Systems.

Our modular LED panels weight 13-15lbs and use less power than Barco & Daktronic panels. Call us for rental pricing... 404.745.9842